Welcome to BEETASOFT - Simplifying Assets management in Construction

Assets Management

Asset management within a construction ERP system involves a series of processes designed to track, manage, and optimize the use of physical assets such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, and facilities.


  • Asset Registration and Cataloging

    The central repository consolidates all asset-related information, while detailed records include asset type, model, serial number, purchase date, warranty, and location.

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking

    GPS Integration: Tracks movable assets in real-time.
    Geo-Fencing: Sets boundaries and alerts for unauthorized movements.

  • Usage and Performance Monitoring

    Utilization Tracking: Monitor usage hours, operational status, and performance metrics.
    Condition Monitoring: Track asset condition through sensors and manual updates.

  • Maintenance Management

    Work Order Management: Create, assign, and track maintenance tasks.
    Maintenance History: Maintain a comprehensive record of all maintenance activities and repairs.

  • Integration with Financial Systems

    Cost Allocation: Allocate costs related to asset acquisition, maintenance, and operation to specific projects or cost centers.
    Budgeting and Forecasting: Integrate with financial modules for budgeting and forecasting asset-related expenses.

  • Compliance and Reporting

    Regulatory Compliance: Ensure assets are managed in accordance with industry regulations and standards.
    Audit Trails: Maintain detailed audit trails of all asset-related transactions and changes.