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Contractor Management

Contractor management within a Construction ERP system involves overseeing various aspects related to subcontractors, vendors, and other external parties involved in construction projects. This module helps streamline contractor operations, ensure compliance, manage relationships, and optimize project outcomes


  • Contractor Database Management

    Centralize contractor and subcontractor data: track contact info, qualifications, and performance history.

  • Contractor Prequalification

    Evaluate and prequalify contractors based on criteria such as experience, certifications, financial stability, and safety records.

  • Contractor Performance Tracking

    Monitor contractor performance on projects, including adherence to schedules, quality of work, and compliance with contract terms.

  • Contractor Payments and Invoicing

    Manage payments to contractors and subcontractors, including milestone payments, progress payments, and retention releases.

  • Safety and Risk Management

    Monitor contractor safety practices and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations to mitigate project risks.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Generate reports on contractor performance, project costs, and compliance metrics to support decision-making and project audits.