Welcome to BEETASOFT - Simplifying Manufacturing Management in Construction

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing management within a construction ERP system focuses on optimizing the production processes for materials and components used in construction projects.


  • Production Planning and Scheduling

    Demand forecasting predicts material needs based on project schedules and past data, while production scheduling manages production timelines to align with project deadlines.

  • BOM Management

    BOM Creation: Define the components and materials required for manufacturing.
    BOM Maintenance: Update BOMs as project specifications change.

  • Inventory Management

    Raw Material Tracking: Monitor inventory levels of raw materials.
    Finished Goods Tracking: Track inventory of completed components and materials.

  • Quality Control

    Inspection and Testing: Ensure materials and components meet quality standards through regular inspections and tests.
    Non-Conformance Management: Track and manage defects and non-conformance issues.

  • Cost Management

    Cost Estimation: Estimate production costs for budgeting and pricing.
    Cost Tracking: Monitor actual production costs against estimates.

  • Resource Management

    Machine and Labor Allocation: Allocate machines and labor resources efficiently to production tasks.
    Maintenance Scheduling: Plan and track maintenance activities for production equipment.