Builder Project Booking System, Flat Booking, Apartment Booking, Alotment Letter

Booking System

booking System(Real Estate Industry)

Super Admin Login

  • Create /update company information,Active/Deactive Company,create /update company admin,Reset company admin password
  • Create/update project,manage project type for eg:Plots,Flats,Villas and Penthhouse etc.
  • Manage project details,additional features.additional chargr, mamage customer payment plan and payment sequence.
  • Bank information,Bank report,Cheque collection report status wise.
  • Broker payment plan,Broker commission plan,Broker report.
  • Customer report,customer payment history,Pending Payments,Reminder letter,Demand notice,Threat letter,Allotment letter,Flats/Plots etc.Transfer letter,Cheque report status(Paid,Bonuce,Resubmit,Cancle)wise and cancellation(Flats/Plots) report.
  • Query complaint of broker.sales person,customer and Company Administrator.
  • Circular News,Event and Notice toCompany Administrator,Broker,Sales person and Customer.
  • Payment collection/pending report of each project by Broker,Sales person and Direct.

Company Administrator

  • Update administrator profile and change password.
  • Create/update employee record,Generate Username and Password,reset password, Active/deactive Account.
  • Employee Identification Code ,complete details(Personal details,contact details,emergency detail,job history,salary,report-to,qualification and immigration),leave register,attendance register,salary generation,salary slip,deduction,taxes,varioud forms.
  • Appraisal,increments,arrears,bonus and employee book.Tax calculatifon and deduction,PF,ESI deduction and conciliation Form 3A,6A,16.
  • Employee Resignation,salary,pending/hold salaries,full and final accounts.
  • Manage sales person,assign project,lead distribution,track customer and their folloq-up,view/reply query complaint of sales person related to customer,project payment etc.
  • Manage Broker,assign project,track customer and their follow-up,customer payment tracking,view and reply query complaint of broker related tp customer query,customer payment,broker payment related to query/complaint.
  • Reset broker password,Active/Deactive broker account.

Sales Person Login

  • Update profile ,change password.
  • View project assign by Administrator,project detail,additional features,Additionl Charges,project payment plan,payment sequence.
  • Manage customer assign/own,customer follow-up,customer payment tracking,upcomming payment tracking and customer payment reminder.
  • Apply leave ,loan/advance for permanent staff.
  • Download salary slip or commission slip,update bank information for cheque,NEFT/RTGS.
  • View and reply on query of customer related to project,payment and document and forward it to concern person.
  • Customer follow-up report on daily,weekly and monthly basis and their status for eg.closed,pipeline and not interested.
  • Circular News,Event and Notice toCompany Administrator,Broker,Sales person and Customer.
  • Payment collection/pending report of each project by Broker,Sales person and Direct.

Broker Login

  • Update profile ,change password
  • View project assign by administrator,project detail,additional features,additional charges,project payment plan,payment sequence.
  • Manage customer,customer follow-up,customer payment tracking,upcoming payment tracking and customer payment reminder.
  • Total payment received from customer,cheque report status(paid,bounce,cancel,resubmit)wise.
  • Commission payment received/pending history.payment received by cash,cheque,DD/NEFT/RTGS.
  • Download Commission Slip,update bank information for cheque,NEFT/RTGS.
  • View/reply on query/complaint of customers related to payment or projects.
  • Create query/complaint to company Administrator regarding customer ,payment, document etc.

Customer Login

  • Update profile ,change password
  • View project(plots/flats/villa/penthouse etc) detail by status booked or hold.
  • View payment plan,payment sequence,payment history,upcoming instalment,payment history.
  • View news,event or notice posted by concern person.
  • Make query/complaint for any issue regarding payment, project etc.
  • Received new project inforamation,make request against new arrivals.

Employee Login(Back office staff)

  • Update profile ,change password
  • Apply loan/advance,leave,assets and view by status(Approved,Pending,Rejected).
  • Download salary slip,attendance list,view job history,appraisal history,reporting person.
  • View upcomming events,news,notice posted by Administrator.
  • Make query/cpmplaint regarding salary,loan/advance,leave and assets etc.