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Building Construction Software

Buiding Construction Software

Site/Client Management

  • Generate and modify site title.
  • Generate and modify profile of contact person.
  • Update contact person's details such as contact number,Address etc.
  • Add and update soil rate.

Equipment & Machinery Management

  • Generate and update the details of vendors such as name,address,contact etc for billing purpose.
  • Add and update Vehicle details eg name, vehicle no, vehicle owner(own/vendor), loading capacity(soil 1 or 2 or 3.. ton), hourly fuel consumption (to maintain average of vehicle)etc.
  • Generate Vehicle type for e.g. loading/ water tank/leveler/digging etc decencies of bill on vehicle type
  • Generate Vehicle billing which varies on loading rate, hourly rate , water tank rate etc.
  • Allocate rate of vehicle daily/hourly basis, monthly basis or trip (round from soil pickup point to site) wise.
  • Allocate vehicle rate distance wise from soil pickup point to delivery address for e.g. 1 km rate 330 Rs/vehicle/trip.

Staff Management

  • Add and update staff profile which include Staff joining date, mobile no, address, reference, id proof etc.
  • Allocate Designation for e.g. supervisor, driver.
  • Generate Salary daily basis or monthly basis.
  • Maintain Staff shifting site to site and maintain history and Attendance site wise.

Vendor Management

  • Maintain vendor details such as name, address, mobile no etc.
  • Manage vendor payment/job history.

Material Consumption Details

  • Maintain Material type for e.g. Diesel, Grease, and vehicle part set master of each parts and material with price because payment will deduct from vehicle wise.
  • Maintain records of daily basis data entry possible for material consumption and maintain history for e.g. vehicle no DL-4S-4545 have been used 1000 ltr diesel and 2kg grease in 1 week.


  • Maintain and keep records of Soil owner payment , Diesel payment ,Vehicle/vendor payment,Staff salary,Vehicle parts payment,Client payment history,Loss profit daily/weekly/monthly and site wise.


  • Generate Report required on various level.