project management system, client management, fill & approve timesheet, project cost & estimation, daily progree tracking

Project Management System

PMS - Project Management System

Human Resource

  • Add/update Employee by Department,Designation and job position, Generate Employee Identification Code,generate username and password.
  • Update employee personal details,employee contact details,employee emergency details,employee job history,employee salary,employee reporting person,employee qualification and employee bank information and employee immigration.
  • Search employee by name,mobile no,email,father/husband name,address,city,state,country,PAN number and date of birth etc.
  • Generate employee report by job position,department,designation,between dates.
  • Generate employee report for PAN NO.,Mobile no,Address ,date of birth,Account,PF no.,ESI no,Emergency contact,Job History and Reporting Person.
  • Generate employee report for joining letter,Bio-Data,Expericence Certificate and Resignation Letter.
  • Add/update employee attendance daily or monthly,import employee daily or monthly attendance from bio-matrix machine or excel file
  • Finalize employee monthly attendance and process for salary generation.
  • Search and generate attendance reportby employee wise,department wise,designation wise or month wise
  • Add/update employee salary,allowance,deduction,bonus and arrears.
  • Process employee monthly salary,finalize monthly salary.
  • Search and generate salary report department,designation,month and employee wise.
  • Generate deduction report,ESI/PF/ITAX report bonus report,arrears report and loan/advance report.
  • Generate employee salary report month wise,bank wise,between date wise.
  • Generate salary slip employee wise,salary summary report.
  • Add/update employee KRA,generate average for appraisal,review employee for appraisal.
  • Update employee record as per appraisal status,update employee job position,update employee designation and update employee salary.
  • Generate report employee wise,department,designation and job position wise.
  • Employee job history,employee salary history,reporting person history etc.
  • Add/update employee resignation data,approval from all departments,leave,salary,assets handover,employee contact after resignation,proper reason for resignation
  • Search and generate employee resignation report,department wise report,designation wise report, job position wise report and monthly/year wise report.

Project Management

  • Add/update company/client information, company legal information, contact person information and generate Report Company Wise.
  • Add/update Tender information, tender purchase amount tracking, tender status(Submitted,Pending or Cancel), tender submission, EMD tracking submitted with tender, negoiation history and total expense tracking on each tender.
  • Search Tender company wise, name wise, value wise, status(Submitted,Pending or Cancel) and between date/month/year wise.
  • Budgeting, forecasting, allocation and utilization of fund.
  • Tender purchase report company wise, value wise, tender purchase between date/month/year wise, tender purchase cost company wise, tender purchase between date/month/year wise.
  • EMD tracking company wise, project wise, between date/month/year wise, EMD returning amount tracking.
  • Add/update project information by type(direct, referral, by Tender), time estimation on project, manpower planing on project, assign project to project manager/TL/Employee, project starting date and end date tracking.
  • Serach projech by company, status(Running, Hold, Closed, Cancel),expense tracking on each project, EMD tracking for each project.
  • Search project activity by project, status(Completed, Running, Hold, Delay).
  • Project progress report, project expense report.


  • Daily /weekly/monthly timesheet uploaded by project Manager/TL?Employee,timesheet approval.
  • Timesheet approval by Authorized person, timesheet approval status(Approved,Pending,Rejected),timesheet report,search timesheet by employee,project and project activity.
  • Timesheet report uploaded employee wise,project wise,project activity wise.
  • Employee report hours spent on project and activity.

Project Billing

  • Add/update project billing terms, raised bill/invoice against project billing terms, payment collection summary, balance payment tracking, next due bill reminder as per terms and depending on completion of work.
  • Search terms by project, status(Received(%) ,Bill Raised,Pending),generate report of bill/invoice by company wise,project wise,payment collection summary project and company wise,pending payment summary project and company wise.

Manage Request

  • Manage tour request , leave request,loan/Advance request,cab request and stationary request by employee,request approval by authorised person.
  • Tracking all type of request raised by PM?TL?Employee,payment tracking against Tour,Loan/Advance and stationary.
  • Cost fixation on Boarding, Travelling and meals city wise ,tour expense claim tracking..
  • Search request employee wise , between date,tour tracking city wise,tour tracking city wise,expense on tour, loan/advance payment tracking and generate reports.


  • Requisition from department,requisition Approval,Generate Enquiry against requisition,direct enquiry,add/update quotation and compare quotation.
  • P.O against quottation, P.O against requisition, direct P.O, casing P.O, Modify P.O, Modify P.O with multiple due date, P.O with schedule, change expired P.O status,close P.O, cancel P.O,view/update status and P.O Approval.
  • Purchase against requisition,purchase against quotqtion,add/update P.O,Item stock wise report,Material receive note,issue request report,issue request date wise,material issue,modify purchase ledger.
  • Good delivery note,GDN Approval,close GDN,GDN detail report and manage supplier complaint and detailed complaint report.


  • Controlling inflow-outflow of fund.
  • Conciliation of cash in hand and bank account.
  • All type of accounts books , journals,ledgers,trial balance and balance sheet.
  • Budgeting,forecasting,allocation and utilization of fund.
  • Tax calculation,exemptions,debit/credit noted ,bill processing and group insurance.

Front Office

  • company information,employee information,client information,visitor's entry, in/out courier entry,cab booking,call log for all department and various report for visitor,courier and call log.