school automation software, student registration direct & by counselling process, pending fees alert, student examination & result, TC and character certificate generation

School College ERP

EIM - Educational Institute Manager


  • Formulation of new admission policy and parameters.
  • Analyzing vacant seats.
  • Formulation of new admission policy and parameters.
  • Analyzing vacant seats.
  • Formulation of new admission policy and parameters.
  • Analyzing vacant seats.
  • Formulation of new admission policy and parameters.
  • Analyzing vacant seats.


  • Formulation of free structure/parameter,board exams,concession,periods for class/section wise.
  • Fee bill/receipts, cash inflow conciliation,head wise conciliation,bank statements, defaulter lists,fine details,dishonor cheque,cheque summary,bus route details etc.
  • Student wise details about current outstanding cheque summary,bus route details etc.
  • Caution fee and security re-conciliations and refunds.


  • Defining subjects,weightaged,% of mid terminal exams and curricular activities.Grading/ranking passing/promoting marks,attendence related policies.
  • Compilations of exam results, mark sheets,class/section wise cumulative reports,individual report card,ranking,grading,failed students,students attendance,various anallyses regards highest marks and passed, classwise/teacher wise performance,year wise school performance.
  • Display listings and reports.Auto updating of students information along with promotion.
  • Pre-Board exam and Listings.


  • Difining Books,identification,requisition preferences,duration and fine policy.
  • Book search facility,most popular stocks,new stocks,denoted stocks and damaged stocks details.
  • Period/day wise book issue and receipt transaction,reference/non/issue able books.
  • New book requisitions,forecasting and budgeting.
  • Defaulters and fine re-conciliations
  • Final exit clearance note
  • Book ledger,transaction, lost,books cost,withdrawn from stocks, salvaging and daily inflow-outflow statements.
  • Dead books,most popular books.


  • Defining parameters for students and staff health parameters.
  • Conciliation of students and staff health history.
  • Critical medicine stocks,issues,receipts,utilizations.
  • History of diseases handled and medicinies consumed.


  • Controlling inflow-outflow of funds.
  • Conciliation of cash in hand and bank accounts.
  • All type of accounts books,journals,ledgers,trial balance and balance sheet.
  • Conciliation of fee, fine, transportation,boarding and salary
  • Budgetinf,forecasting,allocation and utilization of funds.Tax calculation, exemptions,debit/credit noted.bill processing and group insurance.


  • Formulation of employee policy and parameters.
  • Analyzing vacant seats.
  • Defining various benifits and their eligiblities and entitlements.
  • Employee identification code , complete details,attendance register ,salary generation,salary slip,deductions,taxes ,various forms.
  • Appraisals ,increments,arrears and employee book.Tax calculation and deductions ,PF,ESI deductions and conciliations Form3A,6A,16.
  • Employee registration,salary,pending/hold salaries,full and finial accounts.


  • Difining stocks,identification,costs,assets,vendor,and write-off policy.
  • Stock search facility.most popular stock,damage stock,salvage stock details.
  • Stock issue and receipt transaction returnable stocks.
  • Acceptance and rejections/return of stocks.
  • New stock requisition,forecasting budgeting,PO and bill processing.
  • Final exit clearance note.
  • Stock ledger,stock costs,salvaging and daily inflow-outflow statements.
  • ABC analysis ,dead stocks,most popular stocks.


  • Defining subjects, eligible staff for conducting classes, total number of period/week per staff/class,standby allocation,re-scheduling of staff.
  • Defining allocation of extracurricular activities and respective staff.
  • Generation of timetable staff wise as well as class/section wise, weekly schedules,absent/on-leave staff.With details of substitute staff availability.


  • Defining transportation route,mode,capacityand cost.
  • Allocation of seats to students.
  • Conciliation of all transportation expenses,maintenance,diesel,logbook,staff.
  • Maintain Permit.Fitness,Insurance of vehicle and Driver Driving Licence.


  • Defining boarding, facilities available,capacity and costs.
  • Maintain Buliding,Room Type,Room Availability and Re Location of Rooms.
  • Allocation of facilities to students.
  • Conciliation of all boarding and messing expenses,maintenance,electricity,water,log b.